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Product Owner & User Experience Designer
Freelance & Teacher, Self-taught & Passionate

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Anthony Riviere CV
Self-taught & Passionate ?

After 10 years of professional experience, as a project manager and/or UX Designer, in large companies and startups, I hold a Master's degree in Digital Strategy and Art Direction specialized in UX Design..

Hissé'eau Project invision


Home page mockup Photoshop
One question

Why ?

Mission : Attract prospects via Twitter.
Result : +50% visits + 30% leads.
How ? without ever using Twitter, but by completely rethinking the user flow.
Tech : Adwords, Analytics & SEO, Definition of technical specifications for the redesign of the website, UX/UI mockups, Mailchimp campaign, Salesforces.

Speed, Efficiency

You have 5 days

Context : 1 week before the shutdown of the server hosting the oldest Natixis PfandBriefBank website.
Process Flow : 3 days of UX/UI muckups with validation by the business & Text written in English in parallel.
2 days of development - Text written in German in parallel.
Website launch: Deadline respected : 5 days, the German version arrived 2 days after the redesign release.

Natixis PFB mockups
Login Login Page Mockup and Intuitive UX Design Error Handling
The details make the difference

Intuitive design

Context : Redesign of a platform created entirely from a functional point of view
Goals : Guide the redesign for a smoother user flow

Example attached : A concept for the Krealinks platform : login area and error management. Design has the power to inform, intuitively!

Research stage

You said research?

Context : School project but real call for tenders from Aptus Health, in front of which we presented our solution.
Pitch : Patient case sharing, when doctors help each other on very specific cases.
Focus : Very advanced UX researchstrong> for a domain apart and to be tamed.

Medical social media case study Adobe XD design and prototype



Project management

- Transformations of customer needs & users, in features.
- Creation of impact mapping, user story mapping via tools like Miro or Whimsical to facilitate the definition of features.
- Approche Design Thinking
- Development management and prioritization via pilot tools like Trello   Jira in agile method.
- Tester/QA
- Management of IT and features delivery

Mapping Flow project management decision making UX workshop
UX methodology Sorting by map tree sketch mockup zoning prototyping

UX methodology

Use of various UX methodologies to brainstorm or visualize certain features or interface.
Sort by map, 6 to 1, Zoning or wireframe, User Flow, ...
Design in Atomic design, to facilitate integration and speed of development

Users Centric

Information Architecture

Strong knowledge of database modeling (MySQL)
Translation of the User Flow into information architecture
Site tree.

Information architecture users flow
Analytics adwords SEO statistic business marketing
Business Centric


Strong appetite for digital marketing.
Definition and/or configuration of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO, Mailchimp campaigns and KPIs.

The product doesn't exist without a user, but it doesn't exist without a business model either.

World Wide Web


Yes I am French, but English is essential in our job.
Although I am not bilingual, my professional English has already allowed me to hold individual exchanges of several hours, with English-speaking interlocutors.

English Flag

Softwares & Technical knowledge

They trusted me

Clients entreprises


Argentina travel

Travel: Argentina, Italy, Crete, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, ...
Video games: e-Sport (Fortnite, Rocket League , Call of duty), Adventure (Final Fantasy saga)
Sport: Hiking, Football, Skating
Dance: Salsa, Rock, Popping

France culture the documentary series LSD
Social Sciences & Philosophy

Association: Chief Scouts (SGDF), Classes at the New Acropolis School
Reading: Jules Naudet, Simone de Beauvoir, Spinoza, Frederic Lenoir, Paolo Coelho, Khalil Gibran , ... Articles on transhumanism, autism, education, social classes...
Podcast: France culture - The paths of philosophy, Feet on the ground of Adila Bennedjaï-Zou, The documentary series, Time for debate

C dans l'air emission

Association: Another world (helping migrants and homeless people)
Reading: Annah Arendt. Articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Peace now)
Tv programme : C dans l'air, ARTE - the underside of the cards


I look forward to talking to you soon!

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